Running + Disney = runDisney

I’m not a runner. I get bored easily while running, so unless I’m constantly updating my playlist or route… I’ll just do a HIIT workout instead. I’d like to be a person who runs 6+ miles like it’s nothing, but I have trouble hitting four miles before I just… stop. I mean, I can run a 5k, which is cool, right?


Anyway, I’ve been looking into different ways to motivate myself to push past that 5k/3.1 mile mark on my runs. New music, a new outfit, and new shoes are all great motivators, but after 3.5 miles my brain doesn’t care about them. “A 5k at this pace is healthy. You don’t have to be a runner. You don’t have to be able to run beyond a 5k,” my brain says.

And I listen.

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