Lembas Bread Recipe & Adventures


Seen above: top -Flash 18 daypack from REI, middle -banana, chocolate & peanut butter energy balls, Nalgene bottle of water from REI, bottom -lembas bread, peanut butter, homemade bars.

Last weekend a group of us from my local comic shop got together for a hike, and, being the geeks that we are, we joked about wearing cloaks and eating lembas bread just like the Fellowship of the Ring.

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We’ve All Got Hobbits in Us

Tomorrow those of us in, or from, the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. We’ll gather with family and friends to channel our inner hobbits by stuffing our bodies full of food and drink.  Maybe this indulgence lasts for one meal, or maybe it lasts from appetizers  til the last of the leftovers are eaten next week. Either way, far more food is consumed than usual, which can leave a person feeling full, tired, bloated, and maybe a little low.

When trying to lose weight, train for an event, or generally embrace a healthier lifestyle, the holidays can be pretty daunting. Food is fuel, but it’s also a part of socializing and celebrating. So how do we stick to a nutrition plan that’s going to get us to our health and fitness goals, while also allowing for room to enjoy food?

Well, it’s about planning.

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