Hamilton: Choreography

Hey! I’m back!

This summer has been hectic and busy, which meant that the blog went to the wayside, but I’m back now. Anyway, on to more positive things…

While away from the blog I was sucked into the wonderful world that is the Hamilton Soundtrack. It’s sooo good! I read 1776 by David McCullough to get queued into all of the historical references, for which I’m so glad that I did because Lin-Manuel Miranda peppers in so many people, events, and places from the American Revolution that I didn’t know off of the top of my head. (I was brought up in a family that favors American Civil War history over the Revolution.) I also listened to a number of podcasts to get queued into the hip hop and musical theater references. There are so many levels of nerd in Hamilton, and I’m enjoying discovering all of them.

Photo: Joan Marcus via DanceMagazine.com

Photo: Joan Marcus via Hamilton

As I’ve traveled down the black hole that is nerding out about Hamilton, I came across these videos by The Wall Street Journal where Hamilton choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler both gives meaning to and breaks down the choreography for the hit play.

Because exercises can get repetitive, changing up a move by making it a little more choreographed keeps our fitness routines fresh and exciting. So if you’re like me and you’ve been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, why not put it on while working out and make lunges a little more interesting?

Black Widow Image: Marvel.com

The Her Universe Black Widow Workout

Last month’s live streamed workout hosted by Her Universe and Fierce Lotus Fitness on Periscope is now available to view and participate in on YouTube! I’ve previously written about participating in the workout in a Motivation Monday post from April 18th. (You can read that post here.) 

The choreography for the routine incorporates fitness elements before flowing into a basic fight sequence inspired by Black Widow, which you better believe I was thinking about while watching her moves in Captain America: Civil War (currently available for viewing in a theater near you).

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Daredevil Season 2 Exercise Routine

This week the second season of Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil will be available for streaming. To commemorate this, I’ve put together a little Daredevil inspired routine that includes elements of boxing, kickboxing, plyometrics, and core training to train the entire body. Feel free to save the .jpg or add it to a Pinterest board for the next time you’re at the gym or are taking a break from marathoning the new season.

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Music to Get Through a Run, a Hallway Fight, and Avengers Training

Music can make a person want to move. Music can be a distraction. Music can enhance tension, emotion, and bring to memory favorite moments, stories, and characters.

The right music playlist on a phone or mp3 player can also make a run or workout go by faster, give the extra push to keep the pace up a little longer or to do one more repetition.

There are dance and run remixes a plenty available through iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play to keep a playlist fresh, but what if I want to run to a John Williams’ score of the original Star Wars trilogy? Or do a boot camp workout with Cap’s theme?

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