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The Her Universe Black Widow Workout

Last month’s live streamed workout hosted by Her Universe and Fierce Lotus Fitness on Periscope is now available to view and participate in on YouTube! I’ve previously written about participating in the workout in a Motivation Monday post from April 18th. (You can read that post here.) 

The choreography for the routine incorporates fitness elements before flowing into a basic fight sequence inspired by Black Widow, which you better believe I was thinking about while watching her moves in Captain America: Civil War (currently available for viewing in a theater near you).

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Motivation Monday: #BeAHero with Her Universe

Have you ever had one of those moments where it seems as though the universe is talking to you? You know, maybe you have an idea or a conversation and the next time you pick up your phone, turn on the tv, open a magazine, or walk outside, you see something that reminds you of that idea or conversation. You just cannot get away from it.

Well, as I mention in the About section of this site, I started thinking about the idea for Fandom Fitness when I was in my first semester of my Fitness, Nutrition, & Health certificate program (Spring 2014). Now that the site is in its fledgling stage (the Maz Kanata egg muffin recipe marks the 20th post on the site!), I’m seeing other outlets like blogs, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, and retailers also focus on pairing fitness with nerdy/geeky passions. One brand in particular that is using fandoms to make fitness accessible and fun is Her Universe.

Her Universe is one of my favorite brands for geek fashion, which I’m sure is obvious  if you’ve read any of the posts about activewear, but it’s also one of my favorite brands for the positivity that it brings to the greater geek and nerd community. Not only is it one of (if not THE) first brands to make fashion specifically for female fans of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, and Marvel, but it celebrates being a member of a fandom as well…. whatever that may be. Her Universe specifically celebrates female fandomonium with its “Fangirl of the Day” posts, size range (kids’, juniors’, plus size), and Ashley Eckstein’s positive and inclusive demeanor.

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Nerdy Activewear Alert!

NERDY ACTIVEWEAR ALERT: Both Her Universe, Under Armour, and DFTBA Records have released activewear.

Her Universe has partnered with Kohl’s to launch an Avengers inspired line of junior’s activewear. The line has prints and details inspired by Black Widow, Iron Man, and Captain America with a size range that includes plus sizes (WOOHOO!). If your local Kohl’s doesn’t have the full line or a specific size, the entire line is available for purchase at a sale price on the Kohl’s website.


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Music to Get Through a Run, a Hallway Fight, and Avengers Training

Music can make a person want to move. Music can be a distraction. Music can enhance tension, emotion, and bring to memory favorite moments, stories, and characters.

The right music playlist on a phone or mp3 player can also make a run or workout go by faster, give the extra push to keep the pace up a little longer or to do one more repetition.

There are dance and run remixes a plenty available through iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play to keep a playlist fresh, but what if I want to run to a John Williams’ score of the original Star Wars trilogy? Or do a boot camp workout with Cap’s theme?

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Black Widow is Awesome and So Are You

I posted a picture on Instagram last night of me doing some Pilates/core work while wearing my Black Widow top from We Love Fine (you can get the top here). I had already worked out that morning, but was brainstorming outfit ideas for Fandom Fitness videos and threw on that top. Wearing that top though, I realized that I had the energy to add a little more exercise into my day, and ended up doing an additional 40 minutes of exercise comprised of barre, Pilates, and yoga.

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