Hamilton: Choreography

Hey! I’m back!

This summer has been hectic and busy, which meant that the blog went to the wayside, but I’m back now. Anyway, on to more positive things…

While away from the blog I was sucked into the wonderful world that is the Hamilton Soundtrack. It’s sooo good! I read 1776 by David McCullough to get queued into all of the historical references, for which I’m so glad that I did because Lin-Manuel Miranda peppers in so many people, events, and places from the American Revolution that I didn’t know off of the top of my head. (I was brought up in a family that favors American Civil War history over the Revolution.) I also listened to a number of podcasts to get queued into the hip hop and musical theater references. There are so many levels of nerd in Hamilton, and I’m enjoying discovering all of them.

Photo: Joan Marcus via DanceMagazine.com

Photo: Joan Marcus via Hamilton

As I’ve traveled down the black hole that is nerding out about Hamilton, I came across these videos by The Wall Street Journal where Hamilton choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler both gives meaning to and breaks down the choreography for the hit play.

Because exercises can get repetitive, changing up a move by making it a little more choreographed keeps our fitness routines fresh and exciting. So if you’re like me and you’ve been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, why not put it on while working out and make lunges a little more interesting?

Fandom Fitness Facebook Finds

Depending on the Facebook algorithm, whether or not you’re on Facebook, or how often you find yourself logging on, you may have missed out on some fun videos, merchandise, or news that relate to a fandom and fitness shared via the Fandom Fitness Facebook page.

If any of those scenarios are the case for you, fear not, true believers, because this post is here to compile all of those videos, merchandise, and news in one place!

runDisney: Virtual Running Shorts Events

Running events can be expensive, especially when you consider one that involves the cost of the event itself, travel, lodging, food, and then being at the Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resorts for a day or two. I’ve previously talked about runDisney events as well as my goal to participate in one this year. Fortunately for all of us on a budget or looking to participate in a runDisney event without taking time off of work or traveling, runDisney’s first ever Virtual Running Shorts Series allows Disney fans to participate in a runDisney event at a low cost ($142 for all three 5ks or $39 each) and with the convenience of participating from wherever we are in the world.

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“Bikini Ready” via The Beauty

It’s that time of year. Target has stocked their swimsuits and summer grilling dining sets. Magazines by the grocery checkout stands have articles telling us that we’ll find out what we should eat, how we should workout, what new product Dr.Oz recommends for weight loss, etc. inside their covers. We all have to be ready for bikini season, tank top season, swim trunk season, those wedding photos, for that cruise, or that spandex cosplay.

In Image Comics’ The Beauty, it’s been two years since a venereal disease has been moving rapidly amongst the global population with over half of the US  infected. This disease “makes those infected better looking… a disease people want.”(imagecomics.com), which has earned it the name “The Beauty.” The one known side effect? A chronic yet slight fever.


Photo: Image Comics

We recently read Volume 1 of this book in my local comic shop’s all female book club (aptly called “Girls with Issues”). Our meeting included discussing the book itself (art, writing, questions about the disease, etc.) as well as discussions about the role media plays in dictating beauty standards, how beauty standards change, and the pressure we all feel to live up to these standards.

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Roll for a Strength Check

In Dungeons & Dragons, a player can choose to, amongst many other things, climb a wall, push open a door, or jump across an impediment. These actions are considered to be strength based abilities, with the 5e Player’s Handbook saying that (p.175, 2014):

Strength measures bodily power, athletic training, and the extent to which you can exert raw physical force.

To check whether or not the player’s character successfully makes that climb, push, or jump, the dungeon master (DM) will have the player make a strength ability check by rolling the die. Based on what the character’s strength is, they will have a strength modifier which will be added to the number they roll with the die. This total number will dictate whether or not they successfully achieved their feat of strength or just fell flat on their face.

Now, whether or not we play as characters with a high strength ability, we all need strength to keep standing, walking, picking things up, etc. well into old age. Because of this need for strength, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends that it is essential that we all get the equivalent of at least two total body strength training sessions in each week (if you split up strength training by focusing on different body areas on different days, then you’ll be strength training more than twice a week).

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