D’oh! A Healthier Take on Homer’s Favorite Treat

I’ve been pretty busy lately with being in a wedding, taking on new personal training clients, and celebrating family events, which means the blog has been on the back burner for a couple of weeks.

BUT that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it or prepping for posts. On June 1st I tried my hand at baked donuts – adapting  both a gluten-free and a whole wheat recipe and icing both donuts to look like Homer Simpson’s favorite treat. (Yes! I’m finally branching out my fandom posts beyond Marvel and Star Wars!)

Taking the final result to my local comic shop for a taste test, all agreed that both were delicious, but preferred the lighter texture of the whole wheat donut versus the dense, fiber packed texture of the “it’s definitely healthier for me” gluten-free donut. I may re-attempt the gluten-free donut and add baking powder to see if that’ll increase the leavening and make for a lighter donut.

One main change I made in adapting both of these recipes is the use of coconut sugar in place of granulated cane sugar and a stevia baking blend. Coconut sugar has a low glycemic index, which means we won’t get the same blood sugar spikes that we do from traditional donuts, and has more of a warm and caramel like sweetness. I noticed the difference in sweetness when pouring the batter into the pan, which was enough of a lure for me to continue trying out the cane sugar alternative in other recipes.

Anyway, let’s move on to the important part of the post, the recipes themselves:

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Maz Kanata’s Egg Muffin Recipe

If you follow Fandom Fitness on Instagram, then you’ll know that I’ve been talking about making a recipe inspired by the snack that Rey is seen eating at Maz’s tavern in Star Wars The Force Awakens. After a few times of “pause” “rewind” “pause again” with the movie, I figured out that Rey is actually seen eating two separate things. The first shot has her eating half of a kiwano melon (otherwise known as the horned melon, African horned cucumber, and blowfish fruit) and the second, which is seen in the image below, looks like an apple with romanesco and blackberries (I assume that the apple is hollowed out to hold the fruit).

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Lembas Bread Recipe & Adventures


Seen above: top -Flash 18 daypack from REI, middle -banana, chocolate & peanut butter energy balls, Nalgene bottle of water from REI, bottom -lembas bread, peanut butter, homemade bars.

Last weekend a group of us from my local comic shop got together for a hike, and, being the geeks that we are, we joked about wearing cloaks and eating lembas bread just like the Fellowship of the Ring.

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Rey’s Portion Green Muffin Recipe

In keeping with the excitement of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, here’s a recipe that’s perfect for a quick breakfast sure to get us through a long day of scavenging on Jakku. The “Rey’s Portion Green Muffin” recipe is inspired by that lovely little green muffin we see puff out of one of Unkar’s portions mixed with water.

I’ve adapted this recipe from The Diva Dish, substituting a tablespoon of coconut flour with a scoop of protein powder. I figure that living on Jakku and completely dependent on gaining sustenance from powder in a pre-packaged portion, Unkar’s portions are Rey’s main source of nutrients.

Rey's Green Muffin

Composite image via Fandom Fitness

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