runDisney: Virtual Running Shorts Events

Running events can be expensive, especially when you consider one that involves the cost of the event itself, travel, lodging, food, and then being at the Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resorts for a day or two. I’ve previously talked about runDisney events as well as my goal to participate in one this year. Fortunately for all of us on a budget or looking to participate in a runDisney event without taking time off of work or traveling, runDisney’s first ever Virtual Running Shorts Series allows Disney fans to participate in a runDisney event at a low cost ($142 for all three 5ks or $39 each) and with the convenience of participating from wherever we are in the world.

There are three scheduled running events: the Yellow Shoes 5k, Red Pants 5k, and the White Glove 5k. Each event is named after an “iconic staple”(runDisney announcement) of Mickey’s look and features a medal representing that staple. The completion timeframe for each event is as follows:

  • Yellow Shoes 5k May 15-June 1st, 2016
  • Red Pants 5k – June 5th-June 18th, 2016
  • White Gloves 5k – June 19th-June 30th, 2016


I assumed that completing each 5k and earning the medal involved an app that logged mileage, but, as answered in the FAQs section of the event page, it’s actually based on the honor system. You simply register for each event, get your miles in on your own, and receive the medal in the post. Quick note: I recommend wearing a fitness tracker if you have one or downloading an app like Strava to track your miles, splits, and time. It’s a good way to track progress with the 5k and creates a record to compare to the next time you participate in a 5k. 

Registration is currently open for the events, and I encourage you to join me in earning a fun Disney medal (I registered for the White Gloves 5k)! You can register here.

For more information about the Virtual Running Shorts Series, you can head to the event page on the runDisney website here, click that “interested” star on the Facebook event page here, or follow the Instagram account for looks at the other medals released in the series.

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