Nerdy Activewear Alert!

NERDY ACTIVEWEAR ALERT: Both Her Universe, Under Armour, and DFTBA Records have released activewear.

Her Universe has partnered with Kohl’s to launch an Avengers inspired line of junior’s activewear. The line has prints and details inspired by Black Widow, Iron Man, and Captain America with a size range that includes plus sizes (WOOHOO!). If your local Kohl’s doesn’t have the full line or a specific size, the entire line is available for purchase at a sale price on the Kohl’s website.


Additionally, if you also follow Her Universe or Styled by Marvel on Instagram, then you may have seen a sneak peek video of Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein filming a workout video with Black Widow stunt performer Heidi Moneymaker. Hopefully, the workout will be free and available soon! [Update: it has been. See below]


In other news, Under Armour has released a whole line of Batman and Superman inspired activewear under the brand’s Alter Ego moniker, which coincides with the arrival of Batman v. Superman in theaters. The line includes graphic tees, hoodies, short sleeved t-shirts (like the Batman shirt pictured above), varsity jackets, and shorts. While most of the line is tailored towards men, there are a few women’s fit shirts with Wonder Woman designs on them.


Finally, DFTBA Records, which you may know from Vlogbrothers John and Hank Green, has released DFTBActive, which is a “line of activewear for everyone!” The line includes a gym bag, water bottle, leggings, shirts, tanks, and hoody. The line is currently available for pre-order.

Finale thoughts…

As a self-identified nerd it’s pretty exciting to see brands recognize the nerd community as more than our stereotypical hobbies. Yes, I do spend a lot of time reading, at the computer, or in front of a television screen, but, like everyone else, I have other interests… and general needs (health check-ups and annual physicals at the doctors are some of them). Therefore, despite the “lives in his mother’s basement” stereotype that people still like to force onto the nerd or geek titles, we are, and have been, functioning adults who think about our health.

Where it can be frustrating to have a conversation, usually with a person from outside of the community, and be told that I’m not a nerd because I pursue a healthy and active lifestyle, I’m sure it’s just as frustrating to have the opposite experience. To be a self-identifying nerd or geek and to not able to find your size or activewear that you feel fashionable and motivated by is both incredibly demoralizing and reinforces the stereotype that maybe nerds don’t belong in the gym. Of course, that stereotype is untrue.

Exercise and general wellness is for everyone. Activewear that is inclusive either by size range, price point, or design removes barriers to healthy living. Just as the nerd stereotype isn’t indicative of how someone lives or looks, so it is with the stereotypes we put on the “runner”, “yogi”, “gym rat,”or “healthy eater.” These activewear lines by Her Universe, Under Armour, and DFTBA Records tangibly break down the stereotypes we place on nerds and healthy living to foster a community that is inclusive of our hobbies, diversity, and health.


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