Add Some Daredevil to Your Routine

It’s been nearly a week since Season 2 of Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil has been streaming, and, YES!, I did watch the entire season this weekend (while still getting my workouts in, of course). After watching the amazing stunts and fights that are prevalent in this show, I’m so inspired to add some Daredevil to my training plan. By that, I mean add some boxing moves.



Now, as much as I’d love to put together a “Daredevil Boxing” routine, I’m a boxing novice. Therefore, I hit up my trusty Pinterest account for some boxing, kickboxing, and shadowboxing routines that I can try out. I found five printable routines that I like and a link to an article by Well & Good NYC that incorporates boxing via two trendy boutique boxing studios popular in NYC right now – Shadowbox and ToneHouse.


Well+Good NYC Punching Combo gif


Here are the links to each of these routines, which give a bit more information about form:

Boxing Conditioning Workout

Cosmopolitan Boxing Moves Routine

Greatist MMA Workout

Skinny Mom Kickboxing Workout

I’ll be trying out all of these routines (while listening to the Netflix Daredevil soundtrack to pump myself up), so feel free to try them out as well and let me know what you think!

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