Channel Your Daredevil

It’s the final countdown! Season 2 of Daredevil will be available for marathoning this Friday, March 18th.

I’ve mentioned before that what we’re wearing while we workout can motivate us to push ourselves harder. What I haven’t mentioned is that activewear is made with specific movements and types of training in mind. Obviously, most activewear will use materials that wick sweat away from the skin and facilitate range of motion, but material and fit variety lend some activewear better to some activities than others.

In Daredevil season one we see Matt both hitting up Fogwell’s Gym to work on his boxing moves and taking time to meditate to recover from his encounter with Nobu. I’ve put together gym and yoga looks inspired by both of these exercise modalities we see Matt include in his physical conditioning. So whether we find ourselves lifting weights, doing burpees, heading into a vinyasana, or sitting back in child’s pose, these Daredevil looks will keep up with our bodies as we bring ourselves a little closer to being like the man without fear.


The Fogwell’s Gym featured image is available as a shirt or poster via The Shirt List


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