My Star Wars Blue Milk Failure

I had planned on posting a recipe for a Bantha/blue milk smoothie recipe. I found a blueberry recipe online that I liked the result for (it was blue rather than purple) and figured I could edit the recipe to make it look more like what Aunt Beru serves Uncle Owen and Luke in A New Hope.

I tried out the recipe today and… Nope.

Not only did it not look like blue milk (or the photo the recipe was originally associated with), but the texture was chunky as well. It was a pretty off-putting smoothie.

After looking around on Pinterest and Google, I’ve realized that in order to achieve the blue milk look without creating a recipe that I’m not proud of sharing (either because it doesn’t look like blue milk, tastes horrible, or is full of unnatural/over-processed ingredients) I need to make natural blue food coloring. Fortunately, I found a great tutorial on YouTube that caters to blue milk recipes:

I haven’t tried the tutorial out yet, but, when I do, know that I’m going to be playing around with adding the natural blue food coloring to a number of different recipes.

In the meantime, I wanted to share my recipe failure.

Embracing a lifestyle that incorporates a balanced diet and regular exercise can be a lot of work. Prepping and planning involves investing time, money, and effort, which is why it’s so easy to stick with recipes or exercises that we’re already familiar with. On the other hand, we can also get bored of recipes  and routines, or our bodies adapt and we’re no longer challenged by what we’re currently doing. Therefore, trying a new recipe or exercise modality is a great way to keep things fresh.

Unfortunately, that new recipe or exercise style just may not be that great or the right fit for us individually. In this instance, I tried a new smoothie recipe and I didn’t enjoy it (good thing I made it a small smoothie). But this experience has given me the motivation and inspiration to try something new (make natural food coloring) and incorporate those new skills into other recipe ideas (I’m currently thinking about light saber colored smoothies).

Anyway, I’m a little bummed that I don’t have a blue milk recipe available today, but that won’t stop me from trying new ingredients, recipes, or exercises.

PS: The Force Awakens is out on DVD/Blu-Ray in a month and I’M SO EXCITED. If you follow Fandom Fitness on Instagram, then you’ll have seen that Rey eats some romanesco cauliflower at Maz’s tavern, which I’m excited about trying now.

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