Monday Motivation: The Force Awakens’ John Boyega

Maybe one day I’ll do a Motivation Monday that doesn’t involve following someone on Instagram, but that is not this day. I re-gramed a video from John Boyega’s Instagram where he’s jump roping like a champ as we hear Oscar Isaac cheering him on in the background. It’s pretty great.

  • john_boyega @mrcalliet influenced my cardio routine today. Sharp! Of course doesn’t hurt that I have Oscar Isaac in the background cheering me on.

Like his co-star Daisy Ridley, Boyega has had to up his training for the increased physicality of his character’s role in Star Wars Episode VIII. He hasn’t posted as many fitness related videos or photos as Daisy has, yet it’s fun and inspiring to see that he’s working hard in continuation of his portrayal as our favorite Stormtrooper-turned-hero.

As seen in the above video (NOTE: the Instagram video embed isn’t working, so I’ll be including links to the original Instagram post and will embed a copy of the video in the posts), John has worked SO HARD to get his cardiorespiratory fitness and coordination up to the level that he can make jumping rope look easy. Another of his fitness posts is an image of his back as he does a pull-up. Pull-ups: another exercise that seems easier than it is. He is KILLING IT!!


A photo posted by @john_boyega on Feb 4, 2016 at 6:56am PST


Obviously John Boyega is working hard: based on these posts he’s training his cardiorespiratory health, his coordination, and his strength (especially in the back, where most of us are at our weakest from sitting in cars and hunched at computers/televisions).

But he’s doing something else too: he’s celebrating the hard work he’s done.

It takes confidence to stop and have a friend take a video or photo as you work out and then to post that on the Internet. The Internet can be a scary place, but if you’re feeling good, strong, or proud, then share it!

Mainstream media pokes fun at the athletically challenged nerd/geek. And, if you’re like most of who identify as a nerd/geek, then a lot of free-time (or work-time depending on your industry) is spent playing video games, reading books/comic books, spending time at a computer, or staring at a smart phone. While all great activities for the mind, these activities don’t often coincide with increased health and body awareness (body awareness plays in to how we move and whether it’s proper form for our muscles or if we need to re-train our body mechanics). Combine how we spend our time with any unfamiliarity with exercise or past-physical education trauma (I was ALWAYS picked last for teams and still feel uncomfortable in physically competitive environments), it can be difficult to feel good, strong or proud with our physical achievements.

And it’s okay to not feel like the best EVERY time we work out. Exercise involves constantly striving for more or trying new modalities, so it takes consistency and time to experience results and find a move or exercise that motivates a person to stop and ask a friend to document how awesome you feel. The human body has evolved to move and work, so know that we will all have our, in John’s words,  feeling “sharp!” workout session.

So stick with it and when that workout that makes you feel good, strong, proud, or “sharp!” does happen, just like John Boyega, celebrate it! Take a photo or video and post it on Instagram if you like. (Remember to tag Fandom Fitness on social media to share your moment with a like minded nerd!)

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