Rey’s Portion Green Muffin Recipe

In keeping with the excitement of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, here’s a recipe that’s perfect for a quick breakfast sure to get us through a long day of scavenging on Jakku. The “Rey’s Portion Green Muffin” recipe is inspired by that lovely little green muffin we see puff out of one of Unkar’s portions mixed with water.

I’ve adapted this recipe from The Diva Dish, substituting a tablespoon of coconut flour with a scoop of protein powder. I figure that living on Jakku and completely dependent on gaining sustenance from powder in a pre-packaged portion, Unkar’s portions are Rey’s main source of nutrients.

Rey's Green Muffin

Composite image via Fandom Fitness

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Monday Motivation: The Force Awakens’ Daisy Ridley

Monday Motivation is back for the new year! After last month’s release of Star Wars The Force Awakens, why not utilize some of the excitement we have for the film and for our new favorite scavenger Rey to “awaken” our muscles?

In Episode VII, new character Rey demonstrates that she’s capable of holding her own as a “mechanic, pilot, and warrior” ( Played by actress Daisy Ridley, Rey is quick to think and act on her feet. We watch Rey repel down an old star destroyer, outrun First Order stormtroopers (in sand no less), and [I don’t want to go into more detail because SPOILERS].


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Just as with Zoe Saldana, being a fan of the character she plays has led me to follow Daisy Ridley on Instagram. Her posts include red carpet images, a charming reaction video to seeing the trailer for the first time, as well as her own #motivationalmonday and #fitnessfriday posts. She does weighted lunges, tricep pull-downs, high knees, squat jumps, inverted pull-ups, etc. (You’d better believe that this has given me a whole set of ideas for a Rey inspired workout).

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Happy New Year!!

After having taken the month of December off to focus on the holiday and seeing The Force Awakens multiple times, I wanted to leave a quick blog update to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!

Fandom Fitness is still a work in development. The eventual goal is to provide video workouts and printable workout guides, which requires a bit of technical know-how. As such, I’m still figuring things out (creating workouts, teaching myself Adobe CC apps, and learning the basics of filming/editing).

As we’ve entered into 2016, in addition to wishing us all a happy new year, I wanted to remind us all about framing thoughts about resolutions in terms of SMART goals (I wrote more about this in the Thanksgiving post). There’s a whole new year to explore and experience, which means there’s a whole lot of opportunity to achieve our resolutions for the year. Whatever successes or failures we’ve had in the past, thinking positively and following the SMART goal theory will facilitate implementing behavior that leads to success in 2016.

Again, have a very happy new year and thank you for following along with Fandom Fitness.