Music to Get Through a Run, a Hallway Fight, and Avengers Training

Music can make a person want to move. Music can be a distraction. Music can enhance tension, emotion, and bring to memory favorite moments, stories, and characters.

The right music playlist on a phone or mp3 player can also make a run or workout go by faster, give the extra push to keep the pace up a little longer or to do one more repetition.

There are dance and run remixes a plenty available through iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play to keep a playlist fresh, but what if I want to run to a John Williams’ score of the original Star Wars trilogy? Or do a boot camp workout with Cap’s theme?

The answer is that unless you do* get pumped up by some of the music found on film scores, it’s pretty hard to find music that has the beats per minute and the nerd quality to keep a run interesting. I recently taught a circuit training class, and, in an effort to sneak a bit of nerdiness into the playlist, I did some googling and searching on iTunes. I didn’t find much, but what I did find, to the pleasure of the Game of Thrones fans in my circuit class, was Traxburner.

Traxburner takes the themes and theme songs from shows (Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey) and films (The Avengers, The Force Awakens, Mad Max: Fury Road), and remixes them to 120+ bpm. The tracks are great for creating themed playlists (you could include Traxburner’s “Avengers theme” and Iggy Azalea’s “Black Widow” to create a Natasha Romanoff playlist…. ooh! and include a remix of Tchaikovsky work!) or to add some freshness to a tried-and-true playlist.

While I wish there were more run remixes of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and MCU soundtracks (someone feel free to get on that), Traxburner is a really fun find to keep fitness fun and interesting. Find Traxburner music on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify.

*Quick Note:  I do get pumped up by film scores. From the DAREDEVIL soundtrack “Main Theme” is a great warmup song and “Hallway Fight” is perfect for a HIIT interval or as part of a run playlist. The Winter Soldier soundtrack songs “Lemurian Star” and “The Causeway” are nice heavy hitters for bodyweight exercises.

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