Here’s to Adventures… and Fandom Fitness!

I’m a Hobbit.

I love the comfort of my own home, eating multiple times a day, hearing tales of wizards, and… like a certain Bilbo Baggins, I’m not one to instantly sign a contract and head off on some fool-hearty adventure.

But because Bilbo does leave the comfort of Bag End for adventure, I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone and pursuing my own unexpected journey: Fandom Fitness.

I’m Kaela. I’m both a certified personal trainer and nerd. I’ve always gravitated towards “nerdy” or “geeky” pursuits, be it obsessively reading the Lord of the Rings or binge watching Battlestar Galactica. Unfortunately, so many hours spent hunched over a book, remote, or console controller left me wondering “When was the last time I worked out?”

I began a fitness, nutrition, and health program in 2014 both as a means of finding direction in life and as a means of pursing fitness in the same way I obsessively pursue my fandoms. Throughout my entire year and a half long program I had the idea for Fandom Fitness in the back of my head: Why not create fitness programs and routines that are inspired by the characters I love to read/watch/play? Why not use the principles that coaches and trainers use with athletes (periodization, visualization, etc.) to make exercise fun for those of us who are more inspired by “imagine yourself running after a party of Uruk Hai” rather than “imagine you’re running over the finish line.”

This post marks the beginning of my adventure with Fandom Fitness: fandom inspired fitness programs, routines, and recipes.

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